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What does it mean when he says "I love you" but jokingly?

OK so I have this friend. He has just very recently broken up with his girlfriend. But then a week later he gets with a new girl. In the past few... Show More

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  • I would bet 10 bucks that this guy really does like you, but is putting you on the reserve list while he goes around with other girls.If you switch genders, it happens the same way too. I've seen beautiful women out surrounded by a few guy friends. So I figured that those guys wanted her, but she was taking her time in the pick of the litter.So my guess is, you're a long-term prospect. You're close friends for now, but if he gets around enough and doesn't wanna deal with any more bullcrap from all these other girls, he'll put the moves on you to break the friendship barrier and turn lover.That's my guess, but you never know. It's always possible for him to just disappear one day and never return.

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  • I have a couple guy friends that do the same thing. 9 times out of 10 it just means he super comfortable with you. If he says in a funny playful way, he probably really does like you a lot as a friend, but it is prob nothing more than that.

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