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What are some signs a guy loves you even though he hasn't said it?

I am pretty sure my man loves me just based on things he does for me. He doesn't live with me, but he fixes things around my place for me and he mows... Show More

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  • Here are 10 signs:

    1. he spends time with you

    2. he talks to you on the phone, emails you, writes you, or texts frequently

    3. he's attentive to your needs when you ask him

    4. he smiles

    5. eye contact when your having a conversation

    6. he acts differently with you than he would with other women

    7. he's early or on time when he meets you

    8. he complements you

    9. he talks about short and long term plans that entail you, whether directly or indirectly

    10. he asks you to his family outings

    • So he does all of these except being early or on time lol.He's terrible at making plans by "time" but he does always text when he leaves so I know when he'll be her :P (he lives abt 50 min away) also, he hates being on the phone & texting....but he does at least send me a text kiss in the afternoon & if he doesn't hear from me he asks how my day is or what I'm up to in the evening. we usually go on msngr online most nights, but he's always playing wow (addicted to it), so not a 'lot' of talking

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    • I've been with her for awhile and yes we have talked about marriage but, we are at present busy and apart right now...she's doing her PHd and I'm working over 4,000 miles away...we are planning in a few years will be right for that

      did you ever think that your boyfriend actions can be both?

    • Well, yes obviously if he loves me then he cares a lot too. lol. I already know with all my heart that he really cares a lot about me. Just curious if people think what he does for me means he loves me too.

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