What are some signs a guy loves you even though he hasn't said it?

I am pretty sure my man loves me just based on things he does for me. He doesn't live with me, but he fixes things around my place for me and he mows the lawn for me. He even cleaned up after my dog when she threw up last weekend while he was here! I can't handle gross stuff so well, and when she did it I was trying not to look and just asked him if he would clean it up for me - he slightly groaned, but almost immediately took care of it for me. I told him he's my hero :) I couldn't believe he did that for me.He told me a long time ago that it takes a lot for him to say "I love you" because of his past and how he said it too soon before. He said he decided not to say until basically he may as well follow up with a marriage proposal shortly after. However, a few months ago when he was drinking at my house, he had way too much and he said "haven't I 'told' you that I love you!?" - it was in the middle of a little argument - so it was kinda like a DUH, I LOVE YOU kinda thing. I kinda teased him a little about it a couple days later - but told him I wasn't counting it since he was drunk and that when he was ready, he would tell me sober lol. He also put in a gift card to me how lucky he is to be with me and signed it "with love" at the bottom.So I'm thinking he 'does' love me... but he's just being extremely cautious of saying it. Either way, I love being with him and I love him. I have said it to him - but I don't say it often, just when the moment really hits me. He's said I'm so cool about that because I have never pressured him. (and I never will). So I'm just simply curious... what you you all think? Is he smitten?


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  • Here are 10 signs:1. he spends time with you2. he talks to you on the phone, emails you, writes you, or texts frequently3. he's attentive to your needs when you ask him4. he smiles5. eye contact when your having a conversation6. he acts differently with you than he would with other women7. he's early or on time when he meets you8. he complements you9. he talks about short and long term plans that entail you, whether directly or indirectly10. he asks you to his family outings

    • Well, yes obviously if he loves me then he cares a lot too. lol. I already know with all my heart that he really cares a lot about me. Just curious if people think what he does for me means he loves me too.

    • I've been with her for awhile and yes we have talked about marriage but, we are at present busy and apart right now...she's doing her PHd and I'm working over 4,000 miles away...we are planning in a few years will be right for thatdid you ever think that your boyfriend actions can be both?

    • You've been w-her for 14 years & still not married!?...anyhow, I never said we aren't comfortable 2gether either. lol. He is only reluctant 2say it because he feels he wasn't careful enough in the past & he says he wants me2know that whenever he does say it, he really really means it.He thinks it will mean a LOT more this way..& it will. :) We're very comfortable w-each other & share our thoughts like that.I have no problem w-it...just curious if people think his actions are love or just cares a lot

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