My boyfriend is acting strange.

Recently, my boyfriend of almost 2 years has been acting strange with his phone and privacy. I understand privacy issues completely. Sometimes I want to talk to my mom w/o him around because I need to vent about us; however, I don't do it all the time. Anyways, here is the strange behavior change:

He has been receiving texts while we are sleeping. He either checks it and then closes it really fast; then, when he wakes up, he will take the phone with him into the bathroom.

He also has permanently put his phone on silent/vibrate. He never answers a call in front of me unless they are from his parents or sister.

He deletes his calls and messages a lot. I only know because he mentioned it twice. Why he did, I have no idea.

So, finally I asked him why he is being so secretive with his phone and he became angry with me and asked about trust and told me not t look at his phone. What should I do? I have a good intuition that something is off with his manipulating the situation that way; if he wanted that kind of privacy then don't move in with me and don't become serious.


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  • Hmmmmm well honestly I need privacy if I wanna text someone even if its my own sister...

    I take my phone with me to the bathroom as well, but that's only cause incase it rings or something ..Am not hiding anything.

    Is it a red flag situation? Yes maybe if you feel like something is wrong then perhaps its true... but if you tend to get jealous and suspicious most of the times ( like myself) then you re probably just imagining everything and really need to trust him...

    You ve already asked him and he pulled the angry card, so all you can do now is ask again and see what happens. ... If you re still suspicious about it then he needs to get caught 'silently' so incase you were wrong you don't ruin your relationship but if you were right.. you do whatever it takes to make his life a living hell...

    Check out signs of cheating... good luck and I hope you re overreacting and he is not another asshole...


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  • those sound like major red flag warning signs. you need to check his phone


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  • He's right, there should be trust. Why is he not extending that curtosy to you? If he trusted you, and your reactions and everything why would he be acting the way he is...and then get upset at you and invalidating your true feelings of concern when you approached him about it?

    Without trust there cannot be a relationship.

    i'd say your warning bells are right on the money. A woman tends to know these things anyway.

    It's commendable you confronted him the first time. The next time you need to tell him how his actions are making you feel, and what you would like to see happen to make things better. He should be concerned about you being upset and want to do what he can to make you feel better. Not blow up at you and make you feel insecure about coming to him to begin with.

    If he doesn't come around and stop being a d***, move on, and move on fast.

  • ...he's totally talking to another chick. without a doubt girly. get rid of him before he gets rid of you! if its not another chick, then why would he have to hide? what's worth hiding? think about it!

  • Yeah, that sounds serious to me. Major warning signs flashing.