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I think my boyfriend is going to dump me?

So my boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for 4 months now. Lately, however he has seemed distant, yet his family and friends say he talks... Show More

I talked to him. we got things out in the open and straightened out. Thank you!

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  • Tell him you've noticed a change in his behavior and you're wondering if everything is alright.

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  • I was in this exact situation after about a year of going out. He was like hot and cold one minute distant and one minute all about me. He's friends/family would say oh he's crazy about you and he would say he was busy/stressed from work but he was always making future plans telling me he loves me, but actions speak louder than words.People say stuff and your friends/family don't know what's going on so of course they'l reassure you.The thing is I never really actually sat down and nipped it in the bud and I regret that because communicaion is key and I realize that now. If you talk about it you can find out what's wrong and if its fixable or not before it boils to the point of no return. We broke up after 19months so as you can see I let it boil , I was just afraid to lose him because I was crazy about him and at the time he was the only thing in my life that was working out because I had no job, living back at home and bla you get the picture.Just talk to him it could just be stress or the honeymoon period is over.You won't know till you ask and you'l regret it if you don't. Hope this helps.

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