My boyfriend wants to get married should I say yes?

My boyfriend and I have rushed our entire relationship. We met at work, became boyfriend/girlfriend a month later and three days later I felt like I loved him, so I told him. He said it back to me and then three days later, we had sex. The reason we rushed it was because two weeks after we started dating, he had to leave for training in the military. He gas been sending me letters for a month now and in the latest letter he said that he wanted to start calling me his fiancee'. He didn't even ask me. I am kinda upset because he skipped the step of not only proposing but asking me if I would marry him.should I be upset or thrilled and should I take such a big step when I feel like we've skipped the dating step anyway. There is no solid romance in our relationship. I don't know what I should say. Anybody have any advice for me to figure this whole mess out?


Most Helpful Guy

  • You said that you love him, and in your profile you describe him as your life and foundation. You seem to have fallen heavy for this guy and that's nice. However, marriage is a lifetime and like yu said you guys were only together for 2 weeks. It's not impossible for people to fall in love in this short of time but what you need to consider is, will it last? Can you picture yourself with this guy for the rest of your life, having kids, raising a family and loving each other unconditionally? These are the questions you have to answer, and if the answer is no, remember it doesn't have to mean the relationship is over, all it has to mean is that your not ready yet.

    Good Luck with your decision