I think my boyfriend dad hates me

my boyfriend dad is really weird, and he was glad when we broke up last time but every time my boyfriend ask him about me. he claims that he doesn't have a problem with me and that he likes me, that I'm a nice girl.

i think the problem is because his dad likes to control him and I have influence my boyfriend into speaking up for himself and choosing his ways. and his dad only wants him to be like the perfect boy. he's even a teacher at our school and he talks to all his teachers monthly. I think he didn't like me instantly because I wasnt in the same academy's( or classes) that my boyfriend had. which is I.B. I've always been taught to do w/e I want in life as long as I do it rite but his dad way of thinking is do what I want even if you do it messed up. my boyfriend was failing because he was scared to tell his dad he wanted to get out of that program. if he's scared imagine, I'm terrified.

anyhow I live like 10 min away from my boyfriend and his dad is always whining how much gas he waste coming to see me, and he once even said it in front of me. and he also complains about my boyfriend spending to much time in his house.

what should I do? ohh and I hate going out with them