Loving someone too much?

Have you ever love somebody too much that even when they always hurt you, lied to you, ignore you and left you, you are still loving them?


Most Helpful Girl

  • * I used to think people who loved regardless of the character of the person they 'loved'. , Were not in love , but were desperate, weak, obsessed, or simply delusional themselves.

    Now I think it is more just conflicting levels of experience. They may be connected to the persons spirit, but the persons spirit- due to life taking difficult twists turns, that may thwart a person from living up y their full potential- is not connected to their true personality. &

    Because when you truly feel love, your knowledge or experience is tacitly or is intuitively understood, you, in a way experience something of that person, they themselves do not experience of themselves- or at least do not consciously understand.

    (In case this point gets lost in them, you should not loose sight of it. No mater how strong your 'love' feels, when you can not live up to your own potential (the person disrespects you, does not value who you truly are, refuses to acknowledge your worth as separate but equal human being) you are weakened in your ability to love, & therefore useless as love, to the one you love, another reason why you need to be careful of 'how' from 'where' you love, 'when' & 'who' and you love)

    I do not think you are crazy or a poor judge of character,for recognizing where you love. Love is love. It is real before it is understood & it is most often recognized long before it (is accepted by both, or) is realized/ can come to fruition.

    You, just need to decide at what point the impact & power of this love, is beneficial or worthwhile to the both of you, (you can 'love' selfishly) & at what point it is predominately detrimental to the both of you (sometimes to truly 'love' you need to walk away).

    Loving who you love is not crazy. Not knowing when to say good bye to the 'person' you love,( tho you make keep the ' feeling' your love for life) can verge on it, & times can be insane & can also lead to insanity :)

    (Because love involves more than just yourself, You need to be be true to love not just to yourself... Its tricky stuff lol -- Good luck :)