I asked him out and he said he wasn't interested in a relationship, a couple of months later after he stops speaking to me, he gets a girlfriend and now they're engaged!?

I'm really in love with this guy, we hung out for hours just talking and joking, doing lots of things together. He used to ditch what he was doing to come hang out with me if I was upset and we made each other smile all the time! If we weren't hanging out then we were talking online! I asked him... Show More

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  • sounds like he just had you in the friend zone. he liked being with you and hanging out with you and stuff and you probably made him feel good when he was around you but he might not have liked you (LIKE THAT) so when you asked him out it pushed him away . when a man say there not wanting a relationship that is just there way of letting you down easy . it don't sound like you really got a chance with him other then friendship and now that's even up in the air. if you think you can and want to be just his friend to need to tell him how you feel and that you miss his friendship and you hope you and him can still be there for each other . my advice is try to get your friendship back with him and don't try for anything more. find some one who really wants you and only you ! I no its hard to let someone go when you care so much but your just chaseing after a dream if he don't feel the same way .

    • Thank you :) my friends werent helping me which is why I asked for advice here! my friends said he liked me but I think maybe one of my friends told him I was dating a guy which is why he started ignoring me to be honest, I should of put that up with the rest of the story! sorry! But yes I will do that, try to anywho! :) thanks for reading!