My boyfriend thinks I'm getting "there" be fat?

i used to have an ed, bulimic...1 year ago,since then I gained,from 102 to 120 pounds.I'm around 5'6'/

as I'm gaining weight,i started to feel uncomfortable,im trying to work out and eat less,but its hard with my bf,as he snacks a lot.I asked him if I'm fat,he says I am only overweight,but getting fat slowly.

I feel so bad now,i know he is not attracted to me as he used to be,its getting to me...

thank you girls for your support.I will stay healthy,i talked to my boyfriend about it...he cares about my health and wants me to lose weight in the healthy way,we exercise together,and I wanna lose weight too,cos its my own decition XD


Most Helpful Girl

  • Wel if you are more comfortable being thiner than just eat an amount that accommodates w/e weight you want. but seriously losing weight for your b f is like having an eating disorder- its something other than your reason towards your well fare controlling what decisions you make & what you do with your body. Its all addictive behavior regardless of the form : Food, a boy , a comment from a stranger, cloths, fasting high etc.. Just be true to yourself- he sounds like an asshole btw.