How many times in a life span does a person fall in love?

How many times on average does a person fall in love? I'm asking this because I have already fallen in love twice now. I thought the second one would have been "the one". I would like to hear some honest answers here.

Is it easy to find love or is it rare to find?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Four.

    But really. There is no average, that's ridiculous. I mean, it depends on so many things.

    Some people may go through life without ever knowing love, and some people may fall in love every time they find someone new.

    And love is both easy and hard to find. There are stories of people who fall in love practically the moment they lay their eyes on each other, and then you hear about other men and women who search for years for a person to love.

    The point is, love, as wonderful as it may be, is confusing and not something you can easily define.