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Can you fall in love again with the same person?

Basically my ex of a few years. Ended stuff with me claiming he loves me but doesn't like me. And how he feels I have changed and not the same person... Show More

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  • That's the only way. I'm going through the exact same thing with my girlfriend. At first I went pretty crazy trying to convince her to take me back. I realized that I was pushing her away and losing her forever. I met with her recently and apologized for some things I feel pushed her away, now this may not be exactly what you need to do but to make my point she does want to be friends and that's better than nothing. Give him time absence makes the heart grow fonder and being friends may be what he needs to realize you are what he wants. In the meantime work on yourself (if you show confidence and an ability to move on he'll be more attracted to the idea of making up) and take a long look at your relationship so when the time is right you can make it right with him. Sorry if I rambled a little let me know if I wasn't clear enough on anything and good luck! As far as I see it with yourself or me if they do love you and its meant to be we will both at least have our chance to get back with the person.

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