Should I break up with my controlling boyfriend?

My boyfriend & I have been together for 2 years. He's a great guy in so many ways and not so much in all the other ways. For starters I haven't talked to any friends for about a year and a half. He hated all of my friends and pulled out every excuse in the book of why he didn't like them. Especially my best friend. I now don't have any girl friends because he doesn't approve. Even when he does approve of my friends, he won't let me go out for a girl's night. He's very insecure & untrustworthy due to exes. I haven't done anything that would make him untrustworthy of me! Not only does he want all of my time to himself but he hates it if I spend time w/my own sister. He gets jealous if I give my dog too much attention! I know it sounds like all I'm doing is complaining. But I don't know why I am still in the relationship. He'll tell me he's going to change and he never does. He wants to get married next summer. But truth is I miss my freedom I miss having friends. I miss girls night out. Is he a control freak or am I just too demanding? I spend so much time with him but it's never enough. I miss my best friend dearly and I feel guilty that he got in the middle of us but it was him or her. My ex was the complete opposite and even though we had our problems, he never kept me like a prisoner.


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  • Sounds like a total control freak to me. You really should get out of that relationship. You NEED trust to have a healthy lasting relationship, and he obviously has no trust in you. What he has is fear and jealousy. That lack of trust will continually build resentment and it will snowball over time until you just can't stand it anymore. A relationship is supposed to be a partnership, but the behavior you describe here is what one would expect from an ownership. He does not see you as a partner. He sees you as something for him to possess and control, and that's wrong.


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  • Is there an update? Did you beak up with him?


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  • It does sound like this is not a healthy relationship and that he has all the power. I can guarantee that this will not get any better but only worse and this could actually turn into a abusive situation later on. Some men don't start abusing their girlfriend until they are married and it is much harder for them to leave you need to take all of this as a warning sign and leave him.