How do you adjust to living alone?

I'm 23, I've had 2 serious relationship since the age of 18, with both relationships lasting over 2 years with no time in between. Just back to back. Since the time I was in my mothers womb, through the age of 18, I have lived with my mom and sister. So my whole Life I have always lived with a woman. Now the first time ever I'm alone. How do I transition from sharing closet spaces with ladies, fighting about bathroom space, and leaving the toilet seat up,to now just being an empty house. What do it do? And no I don't want to get another girl and No I don't want sex right now. OMG he just said he don't want sex... I've had plenty to go around just want to figure my self out. I just want ideas on how to adjust?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Maybe it's just me, but I really enjoyed living on my own. Living by myself wasn't my choice, my roommate dumped me for her man, and I have to admit I was intimidated at first. In the end though, I loved it. I actually think about that time with wistful nostalgia now that my house is filled with kids and a husband.

    It was nice to go home to peace and quiet after a long day at work. I like the fact that I had no obligations to anyone but myself. I did whatever I wanted to when I wanted to - a nice respite from being responsible.

    You'll get used to it - you won't have nights filled with lonely terror. I think in time, you'll come to appreciate the sanctuary your own space can be when the world gets overwhelming. It isn't lonely - just peaceful. Make it "you", by decorating it with your own tastes and filling it with things that make you comfortable.

    Good luck.