How do you adjust to living alone?

I'm 23, I've had 2 serious relationship since the age of 18, with both relationships lasting over 2 years with no time in between. Just back to back. Since the time I was in my mothers womb, through the age of 18, I have lived with my mom and sister. So my whole Life I have always lived with a woman. Now the first time ever I'm alone. How do I transition from sharing closet spaces with ladies, fighting about bathroom space, and leaving the toilet seat up,to now just being an empty house. What do it do? And no I don't want to get another girl and No I don't want sex right now. OMG he just said he don't want sex... I've had plenty to go around just want to figure my self out. I just want ideas on how to adjust?


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  • Maybe it's just me, but I really enjoyed living on my own. Living by myself wasn't my choice, my roommate dumped me for her man, and I have to admit I was intimidated at first. In the end though, I loved it. I actually think about that time with wistful nostalgia now that my house is filled with kids and a husband.

    It was nice to go home to peace and quiet after a long day at work. I like the fact that I had no obligations to anyone but myself. I did whatever I wanted to when I wanted to - a nice respite from being responsible.

    You'll get used to it - you won't have nights filled with lonely terror. I think in time, you'll come to appreciate the sanctuary your own space can be when the world gets overwhelming. It isn't lonely - just peaceful. Make it "you", by decorating it with your own tastes and filling it with things that make you comfortable.

    Good luck.


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  • find yourself a room mate maybe?or even a mate (guy friend) ?

    If no, then you'll get used to it overtime, eventually. What you could do now is just stay occupied, don't think too much about you being alone and just go out more. A lot of people who just live by themselves keeps themselves busy and aren't always in the house, because it can get boring or depressive. Just find the time to do other things so that when you get home you'll be tired and won't think about the along thingo and just want to rest. Also just try to get comfortable. It takes time to adjust I know.

  • ...Hobbies, mate/roomate, or videogames I'd say :)

  • yeah, get a "guy" roommate. I think that will take away some lonliness and help you to focus on yourself!


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  • Well, it's not for everyone. One day at a time, man. You'll learn to like that peace and quite after a while. It does take some getting used to. But just make sure you have lots of company over.

    I love living by myself! I can come and go as I please. When I have breakfast, it's usually only the one cereal bowl, and cup. When you have a girl joining you for breakfast, it's usually more dishes to do, because I have to make sure she eats right so I go all out and cook like a big breakfast with eggs (using a pan), bacon (gotta use a different pan for that too), etc. I don't have to worry about sweeping hair off the bathroom floor (let it be clear I know all females "shed" and that's fine. I just hate cleaning it off the floor or out of the drain).

    I'm pretty clean and so when girls try to clean my place for me or try and help, I don't ever know where they put my stuff. But I don't mind sharing my space, just not everyday.

    It's been over three years being on my own and I love it! I think if I did get lonely, I'd get a dog but even then, I don't want to have to clean up after it.

  • Break the issue down. What is it about living alone that you feel you need to adjust to?

    If its not having a woman around and the lack of a female touch to the place then you can pick the parts of that you liked abd do them yourself (you don't have to be a girl to put nice smelling things about the place)

    If its lack of company, then maybe a housemate? or make an effort to get out and about more. Clubs, old friends, near by social things.

    I've lived on my own for a bit and didn't like it, we're social creatures.

    Good luck!

  • Just take it day by day. These are the times we learn to survive on our own, and see the world with our own lives. Enjoy it. It's going to take some time, there's no manual on how to "live alone". This is an experience you just live in. You'll be fine.