How should you apologize to a girl?

Well basically I told this girl I really liked her, and after awhile I got angry at her and said some things I shouldn't have, and I don't think she'll like me back, but I still want to be friends with her. What should I say or do?

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  • go up to her and say I'm really sorry for what every you have said that was wrong to her...and then tell her how much you love her and that she means a lot to you...kiss her straight to her lips passionately and tell her I love you...

    • That would work if she liked me back, but she has a boyfriend

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    • then you still might have a know she probably still likes you...girls tend to do that when a guys gets angry at a chick and then leaves her...and then he regrets and then it too late cos she has a new bf...but trust me she is probably not into that guy as much as u...i generally thinks she is trying to make you jealous...

    • Well everyone always still has a chance no matter what the case, but I don't think she likes me right now