He says we're just "friends"?

we've hung out. we've cuddled. but he says we're only friends.the details: last Saturday he posted on his facebook he wanted a girlfriend really badly. I responded. he told me we should hang out first before we just jump into a relationship. I agreed. on Tuesday we hung out for about 2 hours. we watched TV while cuddling in his room.yesterday, we hung out again. almost all day. he held me when I got upset with him, and I cried in his arms. he hugged me at least 8 times after that throughout the day. I really like him but he doesn't want to be boyfriend/girlfriend right now.i am respecting his wishes but I can't stop myself from getting excited when we talk about hanging out again. my mom met him yesterday also.help me?

okay, so he might hang out with me after school tomorrow. I want him to kiss me but I don't want to just down right ask and be a bitch about it. I'm confused about his signals still and I still need a little advice from you wonderful people :)
never mind, we aren't hanging out tonight...he wants to be alone all this week so I'll let him be alone unless he wants to hang out with me
okay, so he's coming back to school on Monday. I haven't really talked to him at all this week, and don't plan to. I asked one of my guy friends what I should do. he said to hug him and ask to hang out that weekend. should i?
oh boy. lots of stuff went down the last time I updated this. now I seriously need the help. on new years, I told him he was a waste of my time and that I don't want to be friends anymore. I felt good about that. but now I want him back in my life...help!
okay so here's the update. I've got a boyfriend now (NOT Jordan) and we're friends again. or sort of? idk. anyway, he respects my relationship with my boyfriend and is glad I gave up on him. so yay! its all solved...i hope.

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  • If you've only hung out twice, what did he do that was so upsetting to cause tears? If he posted on his facebook that he really want's a girlfriend and he agreed to hang out and get to know you then there must be some spark of interest, maybe he really just wants to be friends and wants to get to know you better before committing to someone. Best of luck, :)

    • thanks. I'll try it

    • *moment, lean in and go for a kiss.. See if he reciprocates.

    • I'm assuming Jordan is the guy you like. You should just try spending more time with him, it will make him more comfortable and if you keep looking cute (don't go over the top or change how you'd normally be though) and acting like yourself, he may just end up really liking you. Or maybe you'll find some weird quirk that you find so unappealing that you'll move on. Either way, get to know him, let him get to know you. And if you're feeling up to it, when you guys seem comfortable or in the momen

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  • if you like him, go after him.

  • You get excited because its good anticipation, along with a high dose of attraction. If you really want to kiss him. Kiss him. Don't do an awkward kiss, though. As you're cuddling, and a commercial, or a non-interesting part in what you're watching comes up. Turn toward him, look him in the eye, judge his mood. And if all seems good to go, go for it.

    • You'll have to come to*

    • You'll have to that conclusion to yourself then.

    • that's the problem, I want to but I can't tell what my gut is telling me

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  • You need to get out of the friend zone.. try wearing something really cute next time you see him

    • haha, yeah.

    • haha ya chest rub lmao

    • ha, I'll do that the next time we hang out... lol

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  • If he liked you, you would be dating him by now. Back off and wait for him if you want to, but I suggest to move on.

  • If you actually care about him a lot, you will only hurt yourself by continuing this. Once he gets a girlfriend, you will cry. There is no reason for him to not want a girlfriend right now unless he is really emotionally unstable. More frequent option is: He is only attracted to you, but doesn't "like" you. He is hoping for a relationship with he's real crush by keeping you on hold.Tell him it hurts to be near someone you love and can't have. Having that done, move on. He rejected you, end of story. Don't look for a deeper meaning behind this and waste your energy by doing so. I'm sorry. =(

    • He might come running to you if he was only playing games to make you want him.Imagine this second choice is right and answer this question -> link

  • Perhaps he wants to get to know you some more before starting a relationshi with you. You could say that you've started dating - but now going steady yet? I can relate to your excitement :) but just remember that there are 2 possibilities to how it can go - 1: you become girlfriend and boyfriend or 2: he just wants to be friends. So just be careful that you don't get hurt :)

    • thank you, I've been told to wait it out and let him decide. but my friends keep texting him to go out with me and to kiss me... :/