Are there signs that a guy is falling in love with a girl?

I'm falling in love with my boyfriend of two months. Both in our mid-20's We really enjoy spending time together and are happy together. I've met his family and friends and he's met mine. He does all the little things that make me feel special. But I'm not sure he loves me.are there any signs a girl in general can get from a guy to let her believe he's starting to feel the same way? Thanks!


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  • I think from what you wrote, he already does have strong feelings for you. I mean, you've met his family and friends, and he does things to make you feel special. These, in my opinion, def mean I guy is falling for you. If he hasn't come out and said "I love you" yet, it could be for a number of different reasons. Maybe he doesn't throw the L word around lightly or maybe he is unsure of what you would say back. I think that you should just see how things progress from here, but it sounds like things are going really well. And, I think, that if that perfect moment presents itself you should tell him that you think you are falling in love with him and see what he says. It's always one of those things that there is no rule book to follow, so you just have to follow your heart and take a leap of faith. And hopefully, he will give you the response you are looking for. Good luck girl and keep us posted :)


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  • if he care about the little details that's mean he feel for you , he'll say it eventually , be patient


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