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Red, big dark red flags. I think he is using me - help!

I think he is using me and that he stays with me until something else may appear. everything revealed to me on the new year's eve party, but maybe... Show More

in august 2009 he finished a relationship of 11 years and I thought I must be patient. I must admit is the first time when I took that decision concerning a man...

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  • That is kinda strange he did that, especially since he had just met her. Maybe she added him first? I don't know, bringing it up can cause a fight too and that's not what you want. But if you really want to know, maybe just watch what he does on fb. Gosh I would be frustrated...Maybe you can try to talk with him and maybe say it jokingly or lightly, not angrily..but say something like "oh I saw you added that foreign girl.." and then go from there.

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