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I am not sure if my current boyfriend broke up with me but I am going to say he did. PLEASE HELP! Very sad:(?

I went thru. my boyfriend's phone (I know I shouldn't have but it is what it is. I know it's an invasion of privacy but I realize I messed up. I am... Show More

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  • The way you make it sound it seems like you two are in a tough spot. The invasion of privacy wasn't good but a lot of People do that. He tried to make it all better but you responded with those messages in a bad way. A lot of wOmen like to extend the truth. Hopefully your not but long story short it shouldn't be over just a little spat is all. Give him space and it will work out :) good luck hope I helped

  • You need to dump him. He's cheating on you, believe me from personal experience. I've done the same thing. He deleted his outbox, got a text like that from another girl, ignores you, and is seeming distant. There is another woman in his life, and you can choose to believe me or not but I am 100 percent positive that he isn't being truthful or loyal. I'm warning you, you're going to get hurt.

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