I am not sure if my current boyfriend broke up with me but I am going to say he did. PLEASE HELP! Very sad:(?

I went thru. my boyfriend's phone (I know I shouldn't have but it is what it is. I know it's an invasion of privacy but I realize I messed up. I am human and humans make mistakes.) and I saw that a girl texted him "Hey love, I miss you. Call me boo :)". I told him that I went thru. his phone to show him a text that I sent him to cover up. He show me that he loves me but that text got me very upset. I confronted him and told him that I didn't like the fact that she texted him this, his sent messages were erased so I couldn't see what he responded. He said he was very sorry that this girl had told he before that she love him but he doesn't feel a thing for her. I believed him but was very angry in the moment and I took off. When I got home I wrote as a facebook status: "Words are meaningless.Actions are what really matter". I knew he would see it. He texted me if I got home. I texted him "Yes, God is on my side. He would never let me down". He never responded. I woke up and called him... Show More