She says that she still loves me?

She says she needs space. What does this mean and what can I do?

I have been in a long distance relationship for about a year and a half. Everything seemed to be going fine. We talked every day before going to bed and texted a bunch during the day. The plan was always that she was going to move to be with me after she graduated school. Now just this week she stopped texting and calling. When I finally got her on the phone she told me that she needed space and that she was concerned about how committed I was to her. I'm really confused because I don't feel that I have done anything to cause these feelings that she is having. I love this girl to death and she says that she still loves me. I thought that we were going to get married and be happy together. Now I feel like I'm going to lose her. What can I do?


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  • It is just cowardly. Take it from me, a former player of this card, if I want to take a break I don't want to be with you. I may still like you. I may still be attracted to you. What I don't want is to be your girlfriend and that means we are broken up. It is done. We are kaput. Relationship over! Even if a girl still hangs around it doesn't really mean a thing. All it means is that she's 99% sure she doesn't want to be with you instead of being 100% there. She keeps you around as a back up plan; if she doesn't find someone better maybe she will come back to you but if she finds a guy whom she likes more she'll easily and without guilt let you go. When a girl or guy want to take a break what he/she really want is to know that you'll be waiting with open arms if they want to come back. That's what makes it so cowardly. She doesn't want you right now but she also doesn't want to risk losing you if she has a change of heart.

    Sure, some people take breaks and get back together. It does happen but you shouldn't be holding out for it. You ask if she is just letting you down easy and my answer is, yes, definitely! She is letting you down easily but more importantly in her mind she is keeping the door to your relationship open by giving you a sense of hope that the break is only temporary.


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