Why do all the guys like her?

OK. so there is this girl at my school who is new this year. and for some reason all the guys went crazy over her. she's not even that pretty. my mom says the guys usually like the new girls just because they're new and different. she's nice most of the time, she can be pretty rude and mean though. She is somewhat disgusting, she's on my soccer team and our team went out to lunch and in the middle of lunch she just burped right in my face (I was sitting across from her) and she never said 'oops sorry' she just laughed and went on with her story. she's not the most in shape person. I mean she's not fat but I wouldn't necessarily consider her skinny. she mostly outgoing but sometimes she gets shy. now that the years almost over most of the guys in my grade don't like her anymore, but its like all the older guys like her. she's a freshman and she's made out with some senior like 8 times...and I'm pretty sure she's dating a different senior now.

do you know why they like her so much? I can't seem to figure it out?


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  • OMG, I know a girl exactly like that! My friend and I don't even know how she's able to get all the guys because she's not pretty at all (and neither is her personality for that matter). I know someone who's nicknamed her 'pug face' coz.. well that's what she looks like. Anyways, we've decided that the reason why all the guys like her is because she's so easy.. when she's drunk she's all over the guys and the guys like that, they respond with open arms.. hence the easy girl gets all the guys!

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      yeah that sounds like her! I wouldn't say she ugly but she's definitely not drop dead gorgeous. maybe she is easy...that would make a lot of sense. one of my guy friends asked her to homecoming before he really knew her. the danced together once, she didn't even hang out with him (which I'm sure he didn't mind) she just flirted with all the other guys. and his sister told me he hates her now! I find that very funny:P haha