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Is dating easier for women?

Is dating easier for women? I ask this question because I want to know if dating is easier for women than men? I think so. I believe dating is easier... Show More

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  • in my opinion yes, because guys are generally expected to initiate everything and do all the work, meanwhile the girl gets literally everything handed to her

    • finally, a girl agrees. Thank for your answer.

    • yeah, if only more girls agreed with me, I don't know why most other girls think that they have it harder, or it's just as equally hard

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  • no it's not. we're at the mercy of whoever approaches us, that doesn't mean we want those guys

    • Why won't you approach instead.?

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    • I'm sorry, while it may be true that it's more difficult for a woman, the reason you chose and the way you said it is just lame.

    • but you girls have higher standards, which makes it more difficult for us guys

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