Will he ever love me?

Okay so I have been dating this guy for several months now and am totally in love with him. His behavior confuses me so much though. He does many things that indicate he has feelings for me, yet he does not say he loves me. In fact he told me the other day not to hold out for that because he... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, he is confusing! He seems to care for you quite a bit, but maybe he just doesn't love you yet? Perhaps he is very sparing with those three little words and doesn't want to say them until he is extremely sure about how he feels. Perhaps he's been burned in the past, and he fears the power those words can give you. Perhaps he'll never feel that way about you, but he will care for you very much. It's definitely confusing, that's for sure.

    I wouldn't worry so much. Don't focus on the words, but on his actions. It is obvious he does care about you a great deal, and I'm sure that shows in his actions. So if his actions say that he cares for you, then let the fact that he won't say those words go for a bit. If it's forced, it can cause resentment. So just try to enjoy your relationship.