Is he trying to push me away? OR is it just stress? Why can't things be clear?

So my boyfriend is off work for 2 months maybe more. Usually he is at work for 2 weeks and home for one. We were looking forward to this extra time together but in the past month there has been so many issues. We fight all the time over anything. Lately he had his car impounded. He sat at home for 3 days and didn't get out of bed, shower, or talk. When we had issues last year it was cause we were always together so this time I thought I would do things differently and go out with my friends and not bother him when he's out with his. But He suddenly didn't want to go out with his friends. We fight about everything, the past, the dog, what's for dinner and he usually starts it, pushing like he knows its going to start a fight. Because I don't want to fight, I just walk away, or change the subject. But when I walk away he throws a fit. Last night we fought about the dog. He hates it but it belongs to my son and we love it. He said I said he beat it. I never said anything like that, just he's hard on it and to just leave it alone. He wouldn't give up so I went and sat outside. When I came in he put his shoes on and left. I looked at the kitchen and he had thrown the dinner on the floor and so I cleaned the entire kitchen (bbq sauce everywhere) and then looked for the dog. He had put the dog in the toilet and shut the lid. So I had to wash the dog again. When I got the dog cleaned and my son in bed I took a shower. After that he called asking me to come pick him up. So I did. When he got home he acted like nothing was wrong or happened.

Anyway, this morning he tells me his mom is on her way to pick him up and take him to her place (2 hours away) to help fix the breaks on the truck and hot tub pump. He would be home Friday (its Monday) I said it would be a good thing. I then asked if it was just that and not that we have been fighting allot lately. He gives me this as an answer, and I quote "HOLY F*** Woman, Take it easy!" I just wanted to know if we were OK.

I don't get him. I know he is going nuts being off work for so long and not having much to do. I know his car being impounded is hard on him but its no reason to dump on me. Is he trying to push me away? OR is it just stress. Yes we have problems but this isn't the man I fell in love with. And when things are good he talks about the future, he's passionate and loving. He talks about marriage and babies. We have been together for 2 years and suddenly this happens.