Insight into 9 month relationship?

My girl and I have been together for 9 months and when I suggest that we go on a vacation to the great smokey mountains together, she suggest to bring another 2 person along. We decided to keep away from each other for a month as she say she needed some time to get herself back together after not... Show More

She said during the first month we were together, I went dutch during the first few dates and that made her think that I am not capable of taking care of her and she lost her trust even though now I'm paying for most of the meals except when she wants to.

She said she wants someone who is successful.

Her dad wants her to look for someone from her own country. Her dad wants her to find someone tall.

Most Helpful Girl

  • LMAO... I'm sorry but I had to laugh when I saw this: "she says 50% of the reason why she thinks we are not compatible is because her parents want someone 30cm taller than her."

    First of all, what does what her parents want have anything to do with your compatibility with each other? Nothing... I'd be a bit concerned about dating someone who let's their parents decide who they should be with. (if it's true) Second of all, what's the big deal if you're not the exact height she wants.

    The way she's been distancing herself from you makes it seem like she doesn't want to be in a relationship with you anymore. It's good to spend a little time away from each other, but it seems like she's been trying real hard to keep you at arm's length. It also sounds like she's just using the height thing as an excuse. Don't be surprised if she breaks up with you soon. Or keeps acting worse until you break up with her.