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Why is my boyfriend so disrespectful, but yet he loves me?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for eight months ...and the trouble I'm having is... when he spends the night with me, he gets up and he says... Show More

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  • The solution for this is a tall order & involved breaking some bad habits.

    If you both love each other, even this problem can be hurtled.

    >There must be a time & place that you meet, be it once a month, week, day, whatever. This must be designed so that other events that might interfere are at bay; e.g. Sundays noon-10pm are considered free from business & other distractions, many nights are not planned ...

    > There is some mystique to meeting on the fly, so what's wrong with getting a general rendezvous time, then tying it down by cell phone later?

    > Being so self-centered as to not attempt to make contact in these simple ways = not relationship material on either side, NOT to mention NO animal/emotional attraction to the other e.g. "you are the air I need to breathe". Such overnight meetings then may be judged as less than romantic is this is truly the case. Being a big man/stud, free as a bird = not about you (& vice versa).

    • Hi Islands7

      From what I have learned. This was a case of not really listening to each other... He is set in his ways and wasn't use to having a woman wanting a time frame. I found out that this is a bit controlling due to my abondonment issues BECAUSE HE DID SAY "see ya later"...He is trying to giving me "a detailed time" and I am trying to let him be himself and not be so controlling...

      I see what your saying... Makes sense to me too : )

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    • I changed my mind." OK... I wasn't expecting all that infomation. WOW

      I thought to myself, why can't he do this when leavin my house. UGH

      Its like when he has something on his mind, he doesn't really see me when leaving my house and I'm left reading his mind. I don't walk him to his truck tho. Maybe I should...I don't like agruing around my kids. So I don't make conversation when he has a one tracked mind. I don't say wants on my mind at that time. So when he gets in his truck he thinks every things okay...BUT I have addressed this problem more than twice in his presences and away from my children.

    • We shall see how this works. I come home last night feeling more peaceful and not left in the dark. Sometimes I think, are we "has a couple" two followers or two leaders... This to me is how it works in relationships. There's difinitly a communication problem.

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