Why is my boyfriend so disrespectful, but yet he loves me?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for eight months ...and the trouble I'm having is... when he spends the night with me, he gets up and he says "See ya later"... I wish that he would give me a detailed answer...like. "Honey, I'll see you around noon...If I can't do that, I'll call you." (sounds respectful) I can't wait on this man "at all" ...I have no patients...I have things to do too...so he leaves me hanging and I leave him hanging...I don't tell him what I'm doing and he doesn't tell me what his doing..(I did explain earlier in the relationship that he was frustrating me) and his answer was he couldn't do that for me it just wasn't him...: ) ...and the moral of this story is we are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend now. I do know that I will get that phone call... in the future.