Will I ever find a girlfriend?

Well I just turn 24 about to graduate college, never been laid(long story) been played by women, lonely, all my roommates have girlfriends that live with them and to be quiet honest I getting a little desperate. I don't want to try online dating because I know for fact you can't guarantee true love. what does it take for me to find a girlfriend? I can't be patient because more I wait the more desperate I feel. I need answers from the ladies since they seem to know what women want.


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  • Well just be confident around her and treat girls properly and there is no reason why you won't eventually get a girlfriend. But it pays to be patient, you will find someone eventually. Its better to wait and find true love than rush into things and have a relationship based on fantasy.


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  • Be outgoing, flirt and have fun. Eventually that will draw in the girls to you. Don't care about finding "the one" right now. If you really feel desperate just ask the nearest girl that you find attractive out on a date. If she turns you down shrug it off and move onto the next one. YOU need to take the initiative to ask her out. Because half the time she sure as hell won't. Trust me I know how you feel, and online dating isn't TOO bad. You just have to be a little careful. But you're a guy so you don't have too much to worry about with that. Just don't show that you're desperate. It'll make the right girl feel as if you were only with her just because you couldn't get someone else. Be patient, you are still very young. There is plenty of time to find someone. :) Good luck on your search! I'm right there with ya!

  • Ladies want a guy tht treats them like a china doll, be delicate, make her knees go weak when you come close, show her your love, that's what girls want. try to make some friends that are girls and you will gain the experience to become comfortable.

    • i do have some female friends but that's pretty much it nothing more

  • Be happy with yourself. Take care of yourself and the girls will come.

  • I think it will take time, even if you haven't had some one yet there bound to come eventually, maybe you should step out of your comfort zone! That always helps!


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  • Just know that you will fail a lot starting out. Don't place unreasonable expectations on finding the "one". Girls in your age group are largely not interested in that anyway (yet). Just date girls even if they are not perfect to you. Just because you date someone doesn't mean they are everything you ever wanted out of a girl. It sounds terrible, but use them as practice. You'll need it if you find a great girl later.

    • Yeah, it's kind of like testing the waters to figure out what you like and don't like out of a person, and who knows, something as simple as a date could potentially turn into something fantasic! :)

    • Exactly. All dating is a test of sorts. You're finding out if that person is the "one". You're not just going to realize it. So you might as well date, have fun, and see where that adventure takes you. If it takes you down a dark path, so be it. You've at least learned something along the way.

  • Lol, you're so wrong on the last statement. NEVER listen to women advice regarding on this subject, my honest opinion.

    You want to find someone? Focus less on that and more on yourself. Stop giving a sh*t, really. You must first take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

  • f*** true love, there's such thing. either grow some balls and get out where the ladies are (bars, clubs, or anywhere that is public) or just go back to /b/ and settle for fapping to loli.


    • yea but you can't find meet girls at bars and clubs because all they care about is looking good and hanging out with thier friends

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    • It's definitely a matter of you growing some balls. If you had some you wouldn't be single if you didn't want to be.

    • dude I have some balls but obviously you don't understand where I am comming and how difficult it has been for me so maybe I would appreciate if you would stop commenting on my disscussion thank you!

  • Most women won't approach men or ask them out because they will settle for the men that come to them, even if they are lower value men. Another reason is women tend to be trained by society to not ask men out because they will look desperate or slutty, and it's possible for them to be used by the guy for sex.

    • good point

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    • The options aren't good. One option is to play the numbers game. Desensitize yourself to asking women out, and lose the fear that way. Problem is you date a bunch of women you don't care about and end up hurting people's feelings. And it just seems... untidy. But you will get a lot better at it.

      Another option is PUA crap, if you just want to get laid. Sadly it seems to work rather well especially on bar and club ho's. I never tried it personally, as I don't care about casual sex.

    • Other options are basically: go overseas, try online dating (lots of weeds), wait it out until women are in their 30s or 40s and getting more 'desperate' to pursue men or just give up. Personally I gave up. I'm going to work in the IT sector in Tokyo very soon. Some women there hit on me because of my hair cut and scar.

  • Have you fell in love with any girl yet? :)