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He has been hurt now he doesn't want to love me?

sorry it so longI got this fwd last night about the world going to end and we should say how we really feel about the person well I sent it to this guy I talk to all the time we have knew each other sences 6th grade and I really like him and he likes me. well I couldn't figure out what the problem was now I know he texted me back"i wish I wasn't the way I am so we could fall in love" I said " you mean that?" " yes " " I like you the way you are even if it does hurt me" he said " but to me you mean so much to me like way to much" "is that a bad thing" "yea" " y are you so scared of caring" " I have been hurt befor and its not going to happen again" " I don't think I could even if I let us get that close" "idk" " I don't expect you to believe me I mean I wouldn't believe you if it was the other way around everyone says that" "ik" well now I don't really knw what to do I am going to hangout with him like this firday and idk.

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  • What end up going on?

    • he talked to his friend about it and we dated for a short time