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How can I make my boyfriend happy after a huge fight?

Last night I made my boyfriend very upset. His dad was supposed to give me a ride home, and was refusing to do so; this went on past midnight. My... Show More

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  • yo can't fix I being a jerk, by baking him cookies. his dad was supposed to take you home. how old is his dad 12.

    i do not see why your boyfriend is angry at you & why you are trying to suck up to them when they completely disrespected the agreement& are now mad at you. your mom was involved too seriously.

    as a point f dignity, if I were you I would not have ran. I would have calmly told them, since they broke the agreement to ensure I ride I am walking myself, & left calmly. resolving I was most likely through with my boyfriend (tho I do not have enough to detail from you to know for sure). altho couldnt' you have called a cab?

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