Do women really act as differently as people say they do, during their period??

This question is really directed to guys. Do women really act as differently as people say they do, during their period?? or is it not really like that at all? I mean would the fact that a chick was having her period decrease a dudes chances of, say getting a date with her?

...interesting... sounds kinda scary too. I'm single with my mum being the only female in the family and she no longer has her behavior that you mention isn't something I'm used to.


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  • Wow! Is this a loaded question! You are definitely walking on thin ice with this one! (LOL)

    I would say from experience that some, maybe most (?), women act differently during their period. I know that I've had some of our worst arguments, usually about stupid stuff, with my girlfriend during these times. In fact, last month she even admitted it, after we had a long argument. She said that the reason she was so irritable was because her period was starting; and she then apologized for getting on me so bad about things. Bottom line, it requires patience and understanding when dealing with female feelings during their period. It's not always easy.

    As for the date question, I can't speak to that. Any females want to chime in on that aspect?


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  • It really depends, as far as the date goes. With someone's period, the hormones going through the body have changed, which means she'll react differently than she would otherwise. I had to let my hormones settle down recently, after being on the pill continuously for a long time, and I was an absolute flaming evil bitch, because I wasn't used to the full effect of the hormones and I started overreacting and I lost some of that part of your brain that helps you *not* do everything you think of doing.

  • You are a brave soul to ask this question! LOL. To a certain extent, yes, us women do act a little different during that time of the month. We really can't control it. I know when my period is about to start because for some reason I get really irritated, emotional, moody and I don't want to be touched. I feel sorry for any man during that time. LOL. I would never pass up a date on my period with a great guy though. I've never heard of a lady doing that. A date is a date, and women love going out on dates! :)

  • I act different. I am more sensitive. On my period I am paranoid and I feel insecure. It is then that I cry a lot and hate the idea of my boy watching porn and getting off over other girls. It is then that I get jealous of my boy and a certain girl he has lied to me about in the past. It is then that I feel ugly and horrible and disgusting.

    But with the perfect boy there to help you get through it, you manage.

  • I don't change I just have this thing were I wanna eat more

  • We do the reason is that if you had cramps you would not be in a good mood either. So we do act differently

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  • Absolutely a girl's opinions change daily based on how they are feeling. I've dated both girls who have said they were less affected by hormonal changes, and those who would say they are absolutely affected. Some girls get cramping, bloating, headaches and other physical symptoms. Much like if you had a big zit on your nose or a cold, you'd probably hold off making the approach until it cleared up, they'd probably be less inclined to accept a date when they aren't "feeling pretty". Also, just before ovulation, all women will have an increase in androgen levels, which may lead to an increase in sexual desire, which may increase her interest in a date as well.

  • YES! I was raised by women and when I was much younger and naive I thought they were all crazy or I was a real pest causes anger and arguments happened all the time for the littlest thing I did! My wife has one ovary because one was removed due to a excessive cancer growth and HORMONES ARE A CONSTANT! I guess you have to put yourself in their shoes. It's not easy by the way.

  • Ok so yeah they do act different. they generally act moody and sensitive. they think its bad for them but its worse for us.

    ALSO! when a girl PMS's she always uses it as an excuse to be a complete bitch and not do things that she doesn't wanna do. It would not decrease your chance I don't think... unless she was in a bad mood from something else. good luck.