Why do women call each other skanks and whores?

like why are they harsh on their own kind? if a girl has a high sex drive or has dated many guys quickly she becomes a "slut" and a "whore"

why? because they are brought up thinking what "good girls" do and then when they see these other women they just can't handle that attitude...they feel insecure? I seriously don't know why! its not even as if they are getting harmed by that...just to try to put that other person down or feel guilty about being a "skank"

because woman are inherently jealous and try to prove that they are better than the rest all the time? but I never use such words because I believe in supporting any woman who wants to live a life anyway she wants. f*** codes and conduct!


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  • I absolutely hate those words with every fiber of my being. They're degrading, demeaning and just plain f***ing rude. My best friend has an older brother who's a real jerk, and he constantly used to call her a whore, slut, skank, prostitute, etc (and it couldn't be further from the truth), and it resulted in some bad sh*t happening with another family member. It's f***ed up. I don't care what girls do -- no one ever deserves to be called those names.

    I don't know why other women do it. Their heads are probably just full of air, if even that.

    • @update: Absolutely, screw codes and conduct. No matter what words people use, anything said with the intention to put someone else down just makes the person who said it look like an idiot, in my opinion.

    • wow...why all these down arrows. people here just can't take an opinion

    • Haha, oh well. It seems the airheads know how to use the down vote function.


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  • Women know each other, so when evenTHEY call each other those names, you know, someone has earned those titles!

    • women don't know each other... they judge each other a lot... trying to prove "i am better than her" all the time. trust me on this

  • To raise their own value in front of men.

    • i guess you are right

  • The moral is the antagonist (enemy) of pleasure. Some are weaklings in sex, so they are envious to such with sex power. Some want to be free in sex, but don`t have the courage for it. So they get a minority complex and then must discriminate the free people for sex. It`s an annoying and also dreary matter.

  • I don't know but I'm glad guys aren't like that.

  • Because that's what they are. having a high sex drive has nothing to do with how many people you f***. I know plenty of people who have a great sex life with their partner instead of every guy they meet. Blaming ones sex drive for being out of control is immature. Our Urges are the same as every other animal on this planet. Using that as an excuse is saying you have less control over your body then animals. There is a reason why we are the higher life forms on this planet.

    If you can't control yourself and f*** like 50+ people a year then Yes you are a slut,whore,skank and whatever. The title is earned fair and square. Just like if you are born with a penis you are labeled a Male.

    So stop looking for justifiable reasons to cheat and screw everyone and accept it.

  • Because it's true.

  • Because it's true?

  • That's right the ironic thing is that some of the ones that pretend to be good girls, they are not virgins, so they are also filthy, prostitutes, sluts etc. so I highlight the hypocrisy. what do you think question asker?

  • It is true and most of the time sluts hangs around other sluts so its a swarm of sluts calling each other whores and sluts.

    • interesting observation...

    • I'm not trying to be a d***, but in reality it is true especially for the younger generation.

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  • It isn't even that women call other women who, as you described as having high sex drives or dated many guys. They & men do this to women who have just been with 1 guy. True this! And it is a jealousy factor. Sometimes.

    Sometimes, it's mean girls name calling good girls because she has a nice boyfriend & they want him. Other times, it's a woman who sleeps with a married man who gets called a whore & a slut & a skank.

    Some of those are just desserts, most are not.

    I never understood why men aren't labeled the same. In the case of adultery, knowingly sleeping around with married folks, I'm an equal opportunity "slut, skank, whore" labeler to men & women. Only time I do label. Otherwise, it's none of my biz what you do.

  • I've only called my best friend a bitch or a whore, but that's because she's MY bitch and MY whore. They're special titles reserved just for her.

    • thats quiet acceptable

  • I don't.

    • codes of conduct? No one ever told me about those..

    • well we always are surrounded by unwritten codes and conducts...

    • I didn't know that... What are they?

  • Because its true.

    • do you think a woman ought to be insulted because she prefers living her life in a slightly different way? her actions don't influence you in any way. why would you feel a need to point an accusing finger and call someone names?

    • If a girl is a slut or whore than she is.. so what its not my problem and she deserves to know she's a piece of trash

  • I don't know. I don't really call girls that, but I do think it in my head sometimes. I mean if you're a slut, you're a slut. I don't see the need in telling them that though unless they intentionally provoke me first. Are you saying girls who don't slut around are insecure? I'm a little confused by what you said. I'm not a whore and I'm definitely not insecure. I honestly don't care what other girls choose to do with their sex life, I'm perfectly happy with my boyfriend of 2 years.

    • i didn't mean tht. I meant that they can't handle a very different attitude by some other person so they feel the need to use insults. and when you can't handle something which is almost harmless in a way then I think it shows a sign of ... for the lack of a better word...insecurity

    • Oh okay. Well I mean that's pretty much humans in general. A lot of people "can't handle" the attitudes of others so they start insulting. Just like on this site athiests insult Christians (and the other way around too, just an example). anyone who insults someone with a different mindset than them is just stupid and closed minded. They will insult anyone who thinks differently than them about anything.

  • Those girls are what we call "immature." They do that because they think they're cool.

  • Because if you whore around, it means you're a slut

    • u didn't get the basic drift of the question. the question was that if a girl chooses that lifestyle for herself why should other people get upset about it and accuse her by calling her insulting names and trying to put her down and make her feel guilty like she has done something very bad. if she wants to, as you put it "whore around"...its her business. why are you getting so "i am the supreme court.i will judge u" about it?

    • Because people are hateful and judgmental. That's just the way it is.

    • More likely they do it because they see her promiscuity as morally wrong.

  • I don't care about labels because they're all human-made.

    "Bitch", "Asshole", "Nerd", "Geek", "Slut", "Prude", etc... are all made by people to judge others. All I care about is what I believe in and what makes me happy. Also, I have no desire to judge others because we're all human.