Why do women call each other skanks and whores?

like why are they harsh on their own kind? if a girl has a high sex drive or has dated many guys quickly she becomes a "slut" and a "whore"

why? because they are brought up thinking what "good girls" do and then when they see these other women they just can't handle that attitude...they feel insecure? I seriously don't know why! its not even as if they are getting harmed by that...just to try to put that other person down or feel guilty about being a "skank"

because woman are inherently jealous and try to prove that they are better than the rest all the time? but I never use such words because I believe in supporting any woman who wants to live a life anyway she wants. f*** codes and conduct!


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  • I absolutely hate those words with every fiber of my being. They're degrading, demeaning and just plain f***ing rude. My best friend has an older brother who's a real jerk, and he constantly used to call her a whore, slut, skank, prostitute, etc (and it couldn't be further from the truth), and it resulted in some bad sh*t happening with another family member. It's f***ed up. I don't care what girls do -- no one ever deserves to be called those names.

    I don't know why other women do it. Their heads are probably just full of air, if even that.

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      @update: Absolutely, screw codes and conduct. No matter what words people use, anything said with the intention to put someone else down just makes the person who said it look like an idiot, in my opinion.

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      wow...why all these down arrows. people here just can't take an opinion

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      Haha, oh well. It seems the airheads know how to use the down vote function.