Until what age you are still considered a child?

until what age you are still considered a child?

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  • Religiously- (12 and under) I am Jewish..and had my Bar Mitzvah at 13 (which is when you become an adult in the Jewish religion)

    Legally- (18)...sex, cigs...etc..

    Chemically- (21)..legal drinking age in the United States...

    Mens auto insurance- (25)..we have our insurance dropped at this age which could technically mean we are a full adult

    As you can tell there is no "definition" of "grown adult" and age correlation...it differs...

    • Car insurance has no relavance to when you become an adult... it's all to do with 'no claims' bonus'! A person who's driven for longer, hasn't had an accident, shouldn't have to pay as much... he's a proven safer, reliable (or very lucky) driver

    • Also..

      Driving wise (15 1/2 and 16)

      Again..there is no real age for being an adult..

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  • 18... thought this was common knowledge?

    In America though... a bit confusing. How can 'an adult' not be able to drink until they're 21... they've been an adult for 3 years? They can legally drive at 16 (a child, behind the wheel)... but they can't drink yuntil they're 21?!?!?! MADNESS

  • When your parents don't pay for your bills anymore, you are an adult.

  • Legally, 18. Socially, whenever you start acting mature. This can be before or after your 18th birthday.

  • It varies, but generally 13. Then you're a teen. Then technically at around 17 for girls, early 20s for guys they become adults (fully grown, not maturity level).

    • LMFAO! @ (fully grown, not maturity level).

    • It's true. I don't find the truth terribly funny.

  • 18 but it's questionable whether some people actually reach adulthood!

  • physically, until puberty

    legally, until you're 18 (or 21 for alcohol)

    realistically, until you're out of the house and have this thing called a "mailbox" and everything is addressed to you, even the bills

  • Until 18


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  • I reckon for girls it's 25 or until they stop asking if their labia is ugly or their boobs are too small, boys it's 28-30ish, or depending on how early they left their mother's apron strings.

    Overall, you're not a child if you can laugh hard at this statement "there's so much discrimination against young people/teenagers, it's not fair" that's when you know you've landed.

  • legally 18.

  • 18 legally.

  • 18

    from this age you are allowed to do everything in europe

    • what`s your problem wanker?

  • Until you can depend on yourself. I don't think it depends on the age only. Age is just a number, you know. I know 15 years old kids who are incredibly mature for their age and I also know 30 years old who are still dependent on others.

  • 16 or 18

  • In my opinion, when you're 18. Because you're legal & graduating high school & about to be out from under your parents' roof, away at college.

    • is that while your parents are paying for your education and upkeep?!

    • Mine aren't.