Until what age you are still considered a child?

until what age you are still considered a child?

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  • Religiously- (12 and under) I am Jewish..and had my Bar Mitzvah at 13 (which is when you become an adult in the Jewish religion)

    Legally- (18)...sex, cigs...etc..

    Chemically- (21)..legal drinking age in the United States...

    Mens auto insurance- (25)..we have our insurance dropped at this age which could technically mean we are a full adult

    As you can tell there is no "definition" of "grown adult" and age correlation...it differs...

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      Car insurance has no relavance to when you become an adult... it's all to do with 'no claims' bonus'! A person who's driven for longer, hasn't had an accident, shouldn't have to pay as much... he's a proven safer, reliable (or very lucky) driver

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      Driving wise (15 1/2 and 16)

      Again..there is no real age for being an adult..