Can you still LOVE and deeply care about someone but break-up with them?

My ex broke up with me 3 days ago we'd been 2gether for 9 months I love him soo much! and he came over we talked for like 2 hours! and hungout, He told me that he still loves me and that I'm an incredible woman, good person blah blah all this positive stuff BUT all I could think was if you think all this good stuff about me why don't you try to work it out.basically he can't commit to having a girlfriend right now with his stressful work schedule.I was just crying and telling him that he isn't the only guy in the world! and stuff like that, He kissed me, I asked him EVERY possible question as to y he "had" to end it if he STILL loves me so much! I told him that I understand that he needs to focus on his job.but everyday people have jobs AND girlfriends.idk, does this sound like bs to u? if he didn't love me he wouldn't have taken the time to come and tell me WHY.n said he still wants to hangout,hmm


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  • Hey I am sorry that you are going through this, I know its gotta be tough especially that you clearly said you "love him so much". The best thing for you to do is to seriously recognize that the FACT IS he said he can't be with you. Yes it is possible he loves you, yes its possible he deeply cares about you blah, blah, blah but the fact still remains, he can't be with you. I think you need to try to take care of you and do all you can do to try to enjoy the next few weeks. Put some effort into you for now instead of the thoughts of the why's of all this and trying to figure out his MAN BRAIN. Sometmes it takes a little time to figure out what really happened and maybe you'll take this time and figure out some of the things you weren't exactly crazy about in him. And DEFINITELY give him TOTAL space for now. Like I said before sometimes it takes time to get some clear answers, they can come in funny ways. Sorry Girl, try to do something for you now. Easier said that done, believe me I know!

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      YEAH I know I gotta DO ME! right now focuson myself c he's clearly focusing on himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmself

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      He keeps on texting me..i mean I don't wanna be a total bitch but I need space PLUS he'll miss me if I'm gone!

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      Ofcourse he will and then he will start sweating why you haven't tried to contact him. Take your space and you might be suprised at how tables can turn. They never know what they want.....SORRY Guys out there!!