Should I just stop trying?

Okay, I'm not trying to brag or be cocky.. but I am cute, and I have an okay body... but all these guys go out with me because of what I look like... I try to become unattractive.. I actually try not to wear really tight clothing.. I just want to know what I can do to get an actual boyfriend.. not a friends with benefits.. If your going to give a rude answer/comment don't even bother please


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  • Guys like sex. That's just the way it is. So you really got to get over it. I'm sorry but you're actually going to have to put forth some effort and be a good judge of character.

    Holding out on sex is a dumb strategy. You rule out any guy with an active sex drive. If you're aiming for guys with low libidos - there's your route.

    Be a good judge of character. Pick a guy your friends approve of and your parents. Get to know him. See if he has an interest in you. See if you're special to him. The vast majority of girls will just go for looks, they'll have blinders on an not see he's talking to 10 different girls, and girls your age will not heed the guidance of their parents. Girls like guys who are secure, mysterious, cool... which is actually just indifferent. Kinda comical. The worst choice. The boring guy who's trying a bit too hard, slightly below your standards - he's the one. He actually likes you. Has eyes only for you. Less attractive men make better mates. And he'll be more practical, better fit for you long term. They guy who doesn't smoke. Doesnt ride a motorcycle. Hasn't blown his savings on a cool car. Is studying something with earnings potential. Instead of some guy who's suave.. the guy who's gonna be there when it counts. Won't let you walk over him, but won't do wrong by you. Ethics, morals, honor. Slightly clingy is a good sign.

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      "The boring guy who's trying a bit too hard, slightly below your standards - he's the one."

      Oh man, how many times have I been there, lol.

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      Healz yeah Christian2724!