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How long does it take for a guy to fall in love?

Is it possible for a guy to fall in love after a few months with a girl? Say they've had sex and have shared a lot of time and feelings with each... Show More

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  • You can fall in love from the first second. Don't mistake being in love with actually starting to love that person. Huge difference.

    • true - I agree and I'm not sure how to notice the difference in him... I guess time will tell

What Guys Said 4

  • The short version is : being in love is a physiological response, love is an emotional response. Though being in love of course also brings up emotions.

  • there is no set time, it varies from couple to couple, make sure you can tell the difference between love and infatuation.

  • That is absolutely possible! I have known friends that have fallen in love in even less time than that,

    • Really?! That's great to hear :) I feel like I had but I was worried that it was more lust for him, especially since we had sex and I regret it because I've fallen for him and wish I knew he liked me because of everything...

    • Can you take a step back from the sex and still feel the same way for him (and him for you)?

What Girls Said 1

  • How long does it take? It depends on the guy... On average probably between 2-6 months. It's definitely possible to fall in love after a few months, the stronger your connection is, the less time it takes usually. My boyfriend and I knew we loved each other after about 3 months of dating.

    • We're very emotional people and have an amazing connection so I feel like it could be love but I'm afraid that it's just me that feels that way and he really cares about me but doesn't love me. That's great though!

    • If your connection is as amazing as you say it is then he probably feels the same way. Just tell him, even if he's not there yet he'll still appreciate it.

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