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Is it wrong to not want a relationship?

I was talking to a friend about how I didn't really want a relationship, that I just wanted to have fun. She asked what I meant. I told her that... Show More

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  • You are young so the important things are that you are happy and comfortable. While nobody should tell you you need to have a boyfriend, they may want to ensure you know the possible risks involved. Do what you think is right, keep on top of your emotions, change your behavior if you doubt what you are doing, and stay safe. Try to make sure each guy treats you how you want to be treated, while you may not want to share as much as you might in a relationship, make it clear if you have limits that you do not wish to cross. Any guy that isn't understanding, despite not being your boyfriend, doesn't deserve you in any way. All the best :)

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  • Its fine as long as you're clear with the guy that its just a casual thing when things have just started out. A lot of people are looking for something more serious, and you'll both be hurt if he finds it out later on. Tell the guy straight up that you aren't looking for a relationship, just flirting/dating.

  • No I don't think its wrong at all but the only caution I would say is that acting this way may lead some guys on and make them think that you want more. Also, don't be surprised if sometimes you get call a tease.

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  • No you are not wrong at all for that. So ya just want to live a little before getting tied down to someone. And by saying "tied down" I do not mean it in a negative way, that's just how it works. But I used to say I was going to do that but whenever I say it, sure doesn't take long for me to find someone. And the funny thing is I never kissed random guys. Any guy I would kiss, I would end up dating for a little while at least.

  • Your friend is just very conservative. She's neither right or wrong. This is her opinion/belief, but don't let her opinion change what you want.

    Relationships are complicated and if you just wanna go have fun, then go have fun. There's nothing wrong with doing things with no strings attached as long as no one is going to get hurt. You are not a slut (in my opinion at least). Kissing a guy that you wish not to have any complications won't ruin you.

    So don't worry, just tell your friend that what you want to do doesn't change who you are. You still respect yourself but have no desire to be in a relationship. I see that you're still young, she'll eventually find out (especially in college) that this is a very normal behavior.

    Hoped this helps. Take care

  • do what you want

  • No it is slutty if you start going really far and having sex with everyone but if the guy wants a relationship and you make him think you do and then say you don't he will feel led on.

    • im not? as it was clearly stated above. I would not have sex with any guy for no reason. I never said I was going to lead them on or tell them I was going to do things that I wouldnt. thanks:/

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