Is it wrong to not want a relationship?

I was talking to a friend about how I didn't really want a relationship, that I just wanted to have fun. She asked what I meant. I told her that Ijust wanted to flirt for a while and be able to kiss a guy without it having this big meaning or creating complications. She told me that this would ruin me and it seemed slutty. Its not like I'm whoring around. Just flirting, not wanting a boyfriend at the moment. It doesn't mean I'm gonna stay this way forever and I'm not doing anything that could cause something worse. But, I don't know. Is she right? Am I wrong by thinking this?


Most Helpful Guy

  • You are young so the important things are that you are happy and comfortable. While nobody should tell you you need to have a boyfriend, they may want to ensure you know the possible risks involved. Do what you think is right, keep on top of your emotions, change your behavior if you doubt what you are doing, and stay safe. Try to make sure each guy treats you how you want to be treated, while you may not want to share as much as you might in a relationship, make it clear if you have limits that you do not wish to cross. Any guy that isn't understanding, despite not being your boyfriend, doesn't deserve you in any way. All the best :)