Bossy boyfriend?

Like, sometimes my boyfriend will be like very fatherly with me. He'll tell me how to feel and stuff. I know he has the best intentions but, like.sometimes it offends me? what do I do?


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  • You tell him it offends you. Explain to him you know his intentions are good, but it makes you feel like he doesn't think you're smart enough to think for yourself. I'm sure he just thinks he's being protective and he is unaware that it is upsetting you. He probably thinks it's "sensitive" because he is thinking about you.

    Poor guy, lol.


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  • Tell him it bothers you. It also depends what kind of stuff he's doing/saying. If he won't let you do something like talk to certain people then that's a problem. Otherwise next time he says something that bothers you don't get upset, just calmly ask him to stop doing whatever he's doing.

    • No not like, not talk to certain people. like, he tells me not to do things. I know I shouldnt do them (i.e. go for walks at night by myself, get drunk) but he like, won't let me.

    • Maybe it bothers you because you know he's right? I can understand that, I hate it haha. But he just wants what's best for you it sounds like. Sorry I sound kind of motherly . . . haha.

  • this is not a good sign.he seems like one of those guys whop will eventually hurt you in the end and badly!

  • Let him know how you feel, but if he still dosn't back off any more than a decent amount of time, that CAN be a red flag for an unhealthy relationship. Unhealthy relationships can lead to dating abuse. Ya never know.

  • yeah your boyfriend might "suggest" you don't go walk by yourself or do something you really wanna do but if he's demanding you don't go out you need to stand up for yourself and by like "why can't I do what I want? I am my own person" right?

  • Let him know how you feel so he can realize what he's doing.