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Whats the difference between talking and dating in a relationship?

Between talking and dating in a relationship? Frost he says were dating then says were talk but not seeing anyone else were sleeping together and... Show More

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  • you are aleady having sex. you aren't taking it slow at all.

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  • I agree with gss99, it doesn't sound like you guys are taking things slow. And it actually sounds like you're already in a relationship since you're exclusive and spending time with each others' families. If you want to be certain where you are though then just talk to him about it.

    • When I try to ask he gets all we have gone throug a lot of sh*t I'm not leaving you but I want to do this right and take it slow, why's he say were talking/dating but can't commit to me and label me as his gfs? I think being able to bring some around your family is more important then sex am I wrong? N if he's had bad relationships this why he's scared? All of our friends kinda know about us so I don't get it

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