Why do guys flirt when they have a girlfriend?

I met this guy tonight, we flirted the whole night lol and I'm a little attracted to him. Come to find out he has a girlfriend.


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  • It feels good to know we still have it.


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  • he's just looking for smome attention

  • because some guys are just dumb. if I were you I'd stop talking to him before I got even more attracted to him. if a guy is willing to give up his girlfriend for you, what makes you think he won't give you up for some other girl later on?

  • that same exact thing happened to me! then 2 weeks after him and his girlfriend broke up, he asked me out to dinner.. I basically said no though, cause I'm no rebound.

  • If you are a caring person, stay away from him; just imagine yourselves his girlfriend and you will understand.