What do I get my guy for Valentine's Day?

i have no idea what do give my guy for valentines day and our 6th month is almost two weeks after that and to be honest I'm not really sure what to get him for that either

i know all guys are different but,

guys what do you want for anniversary/valentines day

i would really like it to not have to do with anything sexual

or girls what have you gotten a guy that he just really loved


Most Helpful Guy

  • Get him something that has to do with one of his hobbies, like if he's a car guy, get him a performance accessory for his car, etc. Most guys don't want sentimental things or decorative things, they want things they can USE, so the same stuff their buddy would get them for their birthday or christmas is the stuff they would want as a gift from their GF.

    That being said, be careful because a lot of guys don't like it when their girlfriend makes a big deal out of valentines day or anniversaries.