When a guy say he needs time and space to see if I am the one for him...

What does it mean when a guy is telling you he needs some space and time to think about if I am the right girlfriend for him? We have been going out for about 2 years and half and we broke up about a month ago...is there any chance that we will be back together? We never really broke up till this time, is there a chance that we will be back together soon?

Also, we are each other first love, like first boyfriend/ girlfriend, first everything..He said that he doesn't exactly know if he fully loves me anymore,so he needs time to pray and think about if I am the right girlfirend for him...


Most Helpful Girl

  • That means he wants to know if 1) he can live without you and/or 2) he wants to see what else is out there for him. My ex said the same thing to me. He wanted to be free and do his own thing and see who else he can date besides me. But honey, I'm either #1 or I'm gone. I refused to sit around and wait for him to come back. I did it for awhile and I was very unhappy with life and myself. If a guy doesn't want to treat you like you're an important person in his life and puts you on the sideline, then you need to get rid of him. It might not be anything you've done and it's all on him, but no man is worth putting your life on pause for so don't wait for him to come back. Do your own thing and you might meet someone better, who won't hurt you and treat you as his #1.