Do guys know that girls get jealous when a guy talks to another girl?

I know guys get jealous when I talk to another guy. But do guys know girls get jealous when they talk to another girl?


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  • humans are territorial so of course guys/girls get jealous, the more important question is to what percentage of jealousy is that matters. I personally don't pay too much mind if my girl talks to other guys, I had my ex's talk to guys all the time and I won't ever tell them who they can't befriend or talk to.

    If a guy flirts with her, I trust her to do the right thing and tell him to stop. She's a grown woman to take care of herself and her little problems, ill only step in if he gets too physical or weird.

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      ...or if he tries to hit on your girl, right ?

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      if he flirts with her I don't care too much, I would expect her to tell him to stop on her own.