Do guys know that girls get jealous when a guy talks to another girl?

I know guys get jealous when I talk to another guy. But do guys know girls get jealous when they talk to another girl?


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  • humans are territorial so of course guys/girls get jealous, the more important question is to what percentage of jealousy is that matters. I personally don't pay too much mind if my girl talks to other guys, I had my ex's talk to guys all the time and I won't ever tell them who they can't befriend or talk to.

    If a guy flirts with her, I trust her to do the right thing and tell him to stop. She's a grown woman to take care of herself and her little problems, ill only step in if he gets too physical or weird.

    • ...or if he tries to hit on your girl, right ?

    • if he flirts with her I don't care too much, I would expect her to tell him to stop on her own.

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  • Some do. Players date multiple women not just so they have access to more then one, but because the rest of them then compete, cutting down on drama, being more sexual, etc.

  • So what do you propose?

  • Why would they? They have guys all over them.

  • Uh huh

  • Does this mean that guys and girls really CAN'T be "just friends"...

  • hey, you're the one who decided to start playing the game.

    If you think you're jealous now, wait until you see him with his new girlfriend (that could be you, had you not decided to play stupid games).

  • LOL You did it to him and now that it's happening to you, you have a problem with it...


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  • Not every guy is the jealous types. It depends on if he is insecure or if she is the flirtatious type.

  • Not always, the guy I like, his best friends are girls... And he's ALWAYS out with them or doesn't bother me much though.. It's his life, he can be friends, go out, talk with whoever he wants..

  • But why? It's just talking. don't be so insecure

    • I know but it almost feels like this guy is trying to get back at me for ignoring him for another guy. I'm just wondering if he's doing it intentionally. :/

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    • You you set out to play games, don't be surprised when people decide to play with you...

  • Really? Well I have to say I don't! And the guys I hang around don't either. We all seem to talk together! Its all even. ha ha