Why is my boyfriend scared to fall in love?

me and my boyfriend been together for 3 months and sometimes he wants to breakup but then he reacts and changes his mind and gets me confuse I love him and everyting but I'm scared that I'm going to get hurt...he says that love is a "uneccessary burden" that he loves me but doesn't want to get attach! and he even asked me if I can stop telling him "i love you" because he didn't like hearing that =( but that bearlly happen because back then I used to tell him and he didn't say anything till now and he says that were going to have to brke up sooner or later because his moving but I mean we could still keep in contact and ee each other!...but I don't know what to do! he confuses me! and I really really like him and I know is going to hurt if we brake up ...we have also talked bout a life together and he agrees but then he back up idk!...and how I said he says he loves me but then he tells me he doesn't want to get in me too much?!?!?and he wanted to meet my parents and he did already!Sooooo plz can you help me in this because its driving me Crazy!