Do we have more than one soul mate?

Is there more than one person that can be your soul mate? If you missed out on one is that your only chance for love with your soul mate?


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  • Definitely! I think there are so many people that could be compatible with us (some in different parts of the world also), but, because of timing or location or whatever, we stumble across 1 or 2 of them in our lives (2 if widowed for example)...And, disregarding that theory, I think we can agree that sometimes people change their values/interests as they age and would then be more compatible with someone who they might not have pictured themselves with at another point in their other words, there is hope...several opportunities for us all! =)

    • Thanks for BA! =)

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  • Your soul-mate is not some magic person walking around out there, someone becomes a soul-mate by virtue of sharing a life with you.

  • I believe it depends on a number of things. First it is dependent upon the soul in question, I'm sure you met some people that are well...Soul deficient or soul challenged, in that they have no shoes...Sorry I know bad joke, but I couldn't resist. What I really mean is you will as you go through life meet people who are somewhat lacking in the depth and personality department, which I feel helps contribute to the quality of having a soul. Now, does this make me the Governor of souls? No, all I'm saying is there are some people who it might make it easier to have or find a soul mate in that sense a considerate, caring, warm and affectionate person might be able to find a soul-mate much easier than someone who is simply stumbling through their lives with one foot in a bucket of crap and wondering why the universe is keeping them as the punch line in all of the universal jokes. Another factor is how long said soulful person rides on the...Wait for it,wait...SOOOOOOOUUUUUUL Train, I know, I know another bad joke, but again it just couldn't be helped, also I know I'm OLD, but hey, I am what I am. Lastly I feel that those above mentioned people who have much soul, could in fact have more than one soul-mate, now does this mean I'm suggesting some far out, tye died, throwback hippy soul love fest? No, but it does mean that as we travel through our lives we may meet one soul mate, and then say one of those souls should perish, and go up to mingle with all the other non corporeal souls up above, then the remaining soul left on Terra-firma, may have the opportunity to commune with yet another soul and hopefully become soul mates, because a lonely soul is a sad soul indeed. So to recap, yes I believe in soul-mates and yes I also believe that we may have the chance at having more than one soul mate within our life time...Gasp, yes I know that was a really long response.

  • Naww..

    the myth of the soul mate came into being through Plato, who thought that originally humans were born with two faces, and four arms and legs, but Zeus split them in half, fearing their power... So now each half is constantly searching for his or her other half.

    So no, by the myth's very definition there can only be two..

  • I think the notion of a "soul mate" is a fallacy.

  • I don't believe in soul mates (blame the cheating and divorce rates) but if I did I would say that everyone would have more than one soul mate.

    If people had one soul mate what would you do if they were happily in a relationship with kids, become a home wrecker? What if they were deeply physically unattractive to you. What if they were into some shady business? e.g drugs, gang, ponzi scheme etcm what if your soul mate didn't meet the standards that you have set your whole life?

    Nobody is perfect and yes you may love and feel connected to you soul mate, but would you overlook any of the above mention things?


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  • I do not think there are more than one soul mate. If there is such a thing called soul mates, then I think when you meet him/her, you will be with them. You two will click so good, that you will never miss out on it, because there is an undeniable attraction/connection there for the both of you, that neither of you will do anything to mess it up. That is what I think. If you think, you came across one, but you or he messed things up, then he isn't your soul mate.

  • Love and soul mates and all that are such abstract concepts that you really can make whatever you want out of them. If you believe you can have more than one soul mate, then you probably can have more than one soul mate. it's just defined differently by everyone.

  • Who knows? Nobody can say for sure what's true and what isn't when it comes to spiritual stuff like that. We can only hypothesize. Personally though I think there's only one true "soulmate" for each person, but I also don't think mean your soul mate is your only hope for a happy relationship. Just the highest potential for happiness.

  • apparently YES!

  • I don't believe in that stuff. I believe that there are definitely people you are more compatible with than others. Things are too circumstantial to be "soulmates whose paths happened to cross at the right time. I think it is something perpetrated by the media, and unrealistic.

    I do think you can find someone you are very compatible with and have great sexual emotional mental and spiritual have a strong attraction, can share things with each other, genuinely just click so well and it works out beautifully. This can feel like soulmates. But I don't think there is only one person on this earth who is your "one".

  • I think throughout our lives we meet several people that we would be compatible with, it's just a matter of being ready for it.