Why do girls get jealous of pretty black women?

A true natural beauty comes when a girl is purely black but girls have some bitterness because that? They can't admit it

The first lady to ever exist was Black (Eve)

haters gonna hate
haters still hatin


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  • Let me guess, you believe ancient Egyptians and Jesus were black too? O:O

    • Egyptians were Black actually. Check a map. They're kind of AFRICAN.

    • @Unoriginal lol geography doesn't determine the race. Not all Africans are black lol

      Was jesus a blond blue eyed man?

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  • Eve wasn't a black woman, she was a Polish Jew and a reformed nudist.

    • you piece of sh*t

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    • lol did you get cancer yet? hope you do

    • I have stool cancer. Every morning after I drink my coffee, I have to go to the doctors office and have a loaf removed.

  • I laughed.

  • I know who this is.

  • Lmao!

  • lool


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  • No.. I think you are confusing the look of disgust towards a narcissist and the look of jealousy... It's OK, we all make mistakes.

  • it sounds like you're a black girl? I have no problem saying a girl is pretty, but I don't base my judgements on their race. There are pretty white girls, Asian girls, black girls, Hispanic girls. Bringing Eve into this doesn't mean anything. I don't know many people who believe Eve was black, but that's beside the point. Obviously you do, and there's nothing wrong with that. I've never been jealous of a pretty woman because she was black or Asian or whatever. That doesn't factor into a woman's beauty (or lack of)

  • lmao eve wasn't black... and I am not jealous of purely black girls.. not at all.

  • I had to stop being friends with this Mexican chick because she was like this.

  • and a bigot is still complaining

  • I personally have never been jealous of any woman based on her ethnicity. A "true natural beauty" isn't skin deep and you are really conceited and honestly a little racist if you are putting superiority to any race.