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My Boyfriend Likes Another Girl?

So I was on Twitter and my boyfriend tweeted "I like #oomf but ill never tell her." I ask him about it and he assures me that he's with me. Last... Show More

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  • I don't know what oomf means but I would dump him. if you stay with him you will look so weak and lame because that is highly disrespectful. if he likes someone else, cool but your his girlfriend and if he gave a sh*t then he wouldn't have even tweeted that. good bye! the longer you stay with him the more you will look weak as f***. don't let him steal your confidence. its not you, its him. he's the ass so why should you feel bad about yourself because of his actions? don't let someone affect the way you feel about u. that's not fair to u. he's obviously not an amazing boyfriend and when your confidence gets higher, your standards will naturally raise and you'll see that you deserve better. go out with other guys and forget about him

    • thanks for best answer

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  • Of course you should be upset if your boyfriend likes someone else. That's what any reasonable human being would feel. Personally if it was me I would tell him bye and end it. Not to be dramatic but I respect myself well enough to know that I'm sure as hell not worth a girlfriend that has me on shared first place or is with me because its just convenient that we are together but if they knew the other person had feelings for them they would leave me.And lets be honest what kind of boyfriend tweets about liking another girl while knowing fully well that his girlfriend reads his tweets. That is so disrespectful and dumb its almost unbelievable. I think you are worth better than this idiot, but my opinion do not matter, yours does.

    • He knows she likes him, but he went out with me. It's confusing. But I definitely agree with the tweet being disrespectful. I would never tweet that I like another guy knowing thay he follows me.

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    • I don't even want to talk to him anymore. When he told me he liked me, I felt special and happy. I liked somebody who liked me back...but when he says he likes someone else, I don't feel special anymore. I feel like I can be replaced. I'm too good for that. I deserve to be the only. Thanks for your advice! :)

    • I'm glad I could be to any help :)

  • How amazing can a person who is clearly attracted to someone else be? It doesn't matter if at the end of the day he is physically with you because his heart is elsewhere. This will become a toxic relationship eventually, and it's best to cut those who make you feel inadequate out of your life. Be mature.

    • But the thing is he likes me too. It's not like I'm just dating a drone. Lol. But now that I think about it, this is just an accident waiting to happen. Smh. And ill never be able to get over this. It will bug me forever. I really don't deserve to feel insufficient. Thanks.

  • Not a good sign. Date some other guys, it'll get this dude to straighten up.

    • Thanks for the advice!

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  • If he's tweeting about it that doesn't sound to good. Move on and find someone who is utterly enamored with you and doesn't have wandering eyes.

  • ok he is not some gods gift to mankind that you are so glad that he is still willing to be your boyfriend even though he has told you that he likes some other girl. the part of you which wants to breakup is the saner and logical part inside u...do follow its advise

    • I agree. Thank you for the advice.

  • break up. you're just his plan B,someone to be with because he can't get the other girl.

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