My Boyfriend Likes Another Girl?

So I was on Twitter and my boyfriend tweeted "I like #oomf but ill never tell her." I ask him about it and he assures me that he's with me. Last night I get on Twitter and he tweets "I like #oomf but I don't want to ruin our friendship." Now I believe my boyfriend likes me very much and at the end of the day, he's with me and not her. I still can't get over him liking someone else though. I'm devoted to him completely. There's no one else that I like. shouldn't I be upset that he likes somebody else? I used to be really confident about our relationship, but now I just feel like I'm not enough. Part of me wants to break up with him and direct him to his follower, so things can end on my terms. The other part thinks he's an amazing boyfriend. How would you react if your boy/girlfriend tweeted these things repeatedly about the same person?


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  • I don't know what oomf means but I would dump him. if you stay with him you will look so weak and lame because that is highly disrespectful. if he likes someone else, cool but your his girlfriend and if he gave a sh*t then he wouldn't have even tweeted that. good bye! the longer you stay with him the more you will look weak as f***. don't let him steal your confidence. its not you, its him. he's the ass so why should you feel bad about yourself because of his actions? don't let someone affect the way you feel about u. that's not fair to u. he's obviously not an amazing boyfriend and when your confidence gets higher, your standards will naturally raise and you'll see that you deserve better. go out with other guys and forget about him

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