My boyfriend keeps threatening to breakup with me. What should I do?

i have been wid this guy for 2 years nw...he was like the best guy I had met...d most caring and wot not! bt den v started fighting over little things and last month he dumped me...said he cnt take dis nymore and hez jst too irritated to be wid me nymore...i smhow convinced him to be wid me and v patched nw he threatens to leave me for every little issue...he is very impatient wid me...i dnt want to lose him...i want him to be like before...please tell me wot to do...?


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  • I hate to tell you this but he's only staying with you at this point because of guilt. He may have been sweet and caring before things went sour, but now's he changed. I know it's hard, but you should do yourself the favor and leave because the threats won't stop...he's aware that he's got you by a string. He's eventually going to leave you either way and there is no way to make someone feel a certain way for you. The only way to get someone back after they break up with you is to act like you don't care about them. People want what they can't have and the more you chase after him and try to keep him in this relationship, the more and more he's going to try to get out of it. It may hurt now and it may feel like he's the only one in the world for you, but there will be others. I thought that about my first love but now I a really am engaged to the greatest man in the world. You deserve better than to be in a relationship with someone who is "always irritated" with you.


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  • well if you took him back, he won't change but for sure still loves something in you ! you can't change him, but you can ask him why he came back and if there is any little changes you can do to never lose him again. then decide on your own the worthiness

  • What you du to not make him wanna B widu ?


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  • beat him to it and break up with him!

    seriously why would you wanna be with a guy whos finding every excuse to leave u? dump his ass he doesn't love u.