He is "really, really trying" to make our relationship work?

OK so my boyfriend tells me this last weekend that he is "really, really trying" to make our relationship work...we have been together for a year and 9 months...

WTF does that mean!?!

I do everything for this guy...clean his house, do his laundry, cook his food...I take care of him like any good woman would.


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  • See, when somebody says something, and you don't understand exactly what they mean or why they would say it, you're supposed to ask THEM what they mean, not a bunch of random strangers.

    Your relationship seems to be suffering from a severe lack of communication. I recommend that the two of you start working on this immediately. Sit him down and ask him why he said what he did. Discuss your mutual wants and needs, identify any problems that you're having, and address them before they become any larger than they are.

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      And I do and he just gives me an "I don't know"