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Why is my guy friend doing this after arguing with me?

I got into an argument with a guy friend I've like for a long time. We had a thing for each other in the past but It didn't work out at that time so... Show More

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  • I don't have an explanation for his behavior...sorry :(

    BUT that does not settle what is going on! If you think he's acting abnormal or want to know why he's doing this, speak to him about it ASAP. Ask him something along the lines of "I've noticed you've been driving by my house a lot. Is there something you want to tell me?" If he's get defensive about why, that's a bad sign. I would bring up what's happening to a mutual friend possibly and see if they can get his half and act as a go-between for you two until its settled. If you don't have a mutual friend I'm sure you can talk to one of his friends maybe (one that he wouldn't mind you talking to) to see if he knows if anything is up.

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