Why is my guy friend doing this after arguing with me?

I got into an argument with a guy friend I've like for a long time. We had a thing for each other in the past but It didn't work out at that time so we remained friends. Anyway he called me immature and that I was acting childish which I don't deny, and never heard him be angry at me like that, but I was just very frustrated. So the next day I apologized to him for the way I was acting and he said that it was OK. But after that we became very distant and stopped talking like before.

Anyway the past few days I've noticed that he's been passing by my house a lot like at least 3 times, for no reason, just driving. I've noticed that when he goes home from work, he takes the longer route and passes my house then goes home. I was also leaving with my family somewhere a couple days ago and I was dressed up. As I was walking down my stairs to get in my car, I saw him on the red light on an intersection by my house and he was looking at me. He was gonna go straight but when he turned his head to me, he made a turn to pass my house. Why is he doing that? He also tried to text me here and there but I haven't tried to talk to him too much since he seemed bothered when he was yelling at me.