Does this guy really expect me to say I LOVE YOU?

I'm telling the guy I've been sleeping with that I want more of a relationship, he says "If that's what you want you've got the wrong guy" then not two minutes later as we are laying there and he's holding me, he says "tell me those three words." Does this guy really expect me to say I LOVE YOU after he just told me if I want more I've got the wrong guy?

  • He is just messing with me
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  • He wants me to tell him I love him before he will think about a relationship
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  • He just changed his mind in those two minutes
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  • Psychologically, he is trying to manipulate you--the way you tell it. Why? When he has you say "I Love You" this gives him psychological control and domination. Why would he say he's the wrong guy for a further relationship and then tells you to say I love you? He is telling you, "Hey, your mine and I'm not being controlled by anyone." Basically, this gives him a back door to escape in case he doesn't like where ya'lls relationship is going. If you want a serious relationship (marriage) then he is definitely not the person to be bothering.

    Right now your in a give-take give him your love/devotion/body and he takes it without any hesitation.


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  • This guy sounds like Charlie Sheen in two and a half men. Next time ask him if he's looking for these words: "There's the door!" Maybe he might not think he's so cool then. If you said that you'd blow his mind; he'd never expect it. Now, I don't know what will happen after you say it, if you do though so ... But I mean what does he expect after he says "you got the wrong guy!"

    • Very good comeback! LOL. :)

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    • What I said was "go f*** yourself" and now that I think about it .....he really was not pleased with what I said but he did laugh.

    • Yeah it sounds like he wanted you to boost his ego, in his head he's like "I'm the man" and you totally told him where to go. lol That's pretty good. You one up-ed me, haha.

  • Totally, he's saying he doesn't want a relationship with you just the sex. Hence him saying if you want a relationship you got the wrong guy line.

    Now it's up to you, if you want a friends with benefts more power to ya. Have fun.

    If not, my advice to ya is say what the other guy here stats or better yet end it before you let him go that far again, or just don't let him go there anymore, that will end it, and he'll probably stop calling etc. His actions then will backup what I'm saying that he doesn't want a relationship.


  • He's playing you. He really really is. Your giving him what he wants from you with out getting what you want. So why should he think to seek more from you. He'll ask if you love him because if he says yes then he knows he has you, Hook, Line And sinker.


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  • This guy is an ass hat, and I would suggest you lose him as quickly as possible. He's messing with your head and your emotions, and he's got the wrong girl. Your three words back to him were perfect...let him do that instead of wasting your time and energy. He shouldn't expect love from you if he is completely unwilling to give it back.

  • Yes, he does expect you to tell him that, and I hope you didn't fall for it. He doesn't want a relationship, commitment, or the work that goes into either. But he apparently DOES want validation. If not from you, then he'll someone else. And, a guy like him, don't think for a second that you're the only one he's saying these things to. He wants a bed buddy, and a casual date. If you want something more serious, it's in your best interest to just walk away. In fact, go ahead and say those three words to him "SEE YOU LATER" =)

  • This guy is definitely playing you. Your already giving him what he wants (sex) and since he doesn't want a relationship he's stringing you along. Why are you still giving him sex and expecting him to really commit? I'm not at all advocating playing games with him such as holding sex until he gives you what you want. That's ridiculous to do. But I am suggesting that unless all you want is a sexual relationship (which you have stated you want more) then you NEED to stop sleeping with him for your own benefit. He's made it clear that he will not commit and all the sex in the world won't change that. Good luck! :)

  • This guy must really think he's all that... I suggest you dump him flat if he's not ready to be in a relationship yet tell you he loves you. I agree with the others.. He's clearly trying to run some kind of game and you need to let him know ur not up for it ^-^

  • He is playing with your emotions. His response was "You've got the wrong guy" and then he asks for you to say the three words, I would respond with "I'm not her!"..