Does this guy really expect me to say I LOVE YOU?

I'm telling the guy I've been sleeping with that I want more of a relationship, he says "If that's what you want you've got the wrong guy" then not two minutes later as we are laying there and he's holding me, he says "tell me those three words." Does this guy really expect me to say I LOVE YOU after he just told me if I want more I've got the wrong guy?

  • Vote A He is just messing with me
  • Vote B He wants me to tell him I love him before he will think about a relationship
  • Vote C He just changed his mind in those two minutes
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Psychologically, he is trying to manipulate you--the way you tell it. Why? When he has you say "I Love You" this gives him psychological control and domination. Why would he say he's the wrong guy for a further relationship and then tells you to say I love you? He is telling you, "Hey, your mine and I'm not being controlled by anyone." Basically, this gives him a back door to escape in case he doesn't like where ya'lls relationship is going. If you want a serious relationship (marriage) then he is definitely not the person to be bothering.

    Right now your in a give-take give him your love/devotion/body and he takes it without any hesitation.