Does this guy really expect me to say I LOVE YOU?

I'm telling the guy I've been sleeping with that I want more of a relationship, he says "If that's what you want you've got the wrong guy" then not... Show More

  • Vote A He is just messing with me
  • Vote B He wants me to tell him I love him before he will think about a relationship
  • Vote C He just changed his mind in those two minutes

Most Helpful Guy

  • Psychologically, he is trying to manipulate you--the way you tell it. Why? When he has you say "I Love You" this gives him psychological control and domination. Why would he say he's the wrong guy for a further relationship and then tells you to say I love you? He is telling you, "Hey, your mine and I'm not being controlled by anyone." Basically, this gives him a back door to escape in case he doesn't like where ya'lls relationship is going. If you want a serious relationship (marriage) then he is definitely not the person to be bothering.

    Right now your in a give-take give him your love/devotion/body and he takes it without any hesitation.

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