Why are relationships so easy for some people?

I don't understand those people who just jump from one relationship to the other. And claim every time it is the love of their live.

I know it will never be like that for me, I think it would be mentally to hard for me.


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  • some people fall very easily. or for the wrong reasons. or are more easily satisfied in relationships, they are just so happy to not be alone.

    on one hand, if you are more easily satisfied in relationships, and are one of those people who just is happy to be with someone and not so picky, it will probably be easier for you to make it work.

    on the other hand, if you are too easily satisfied with anyone, you probably don't know what a relationship really is and are just using all those people as crutches.

    it can be either or.

    i personally am very "on target" as in I am not constantly involved with someone, but when I am it is strong. it's very all or nothing for me. I went on a date with a guy a few months ago and it wasn't horrible, he liked me, some girls probably would have continued but I am the type who just knew he wasn't right for me, so I ended it, choosing to be alone instead, even though I think he was very into me and doting and some girls would have loved that.

    when I meet someone special, I just "know". I have strong instincts and in a way it's hard because I am not interested in people that often but when I am I am very interested and don't have to spend my time doubting how I feel. On the other hand, since I'm a very intense person it makes the relationship difficult in a way, but I can't help it, that's how I am.

    I personally don't think jumping from relationship to relationship without gaps in between is healthy. I take my time and space and only go for it if there is really something to him that strikes me.


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  • I used to have a male friend who was like that... We were so the opposite in that way! lol He would be with a new girl almost every week and I always wondered how he managed to meet, chat with and end up dating so many different women! lol

    I could never do that though, as I don't see the point in being with a girl if there's no hope and intention of the relationship actually going anywhere... Although I do realize that all guys are different. As soppy as it might sound, I put a lot of emotional energy into any relationship, so for me it would have to be a proper relationship and not just a short fling... I couldn't just jump from one girl to the next with no meaning or purpose attached to it.

    Basically, I'm much happier in one stable, meaningful and enjoyable relationship... :o)

  • It must suck being a serial monogamist. Either be in a serious relationship or just sleep around and play the field, you can't have it both ways.

  • I guess people fail to differentiate between true emotional attachment and infatuation.

  • I have noticed that too and feel the same way you do. I would want closure and couldn't manage to jump from one lap to another. I am much too sincere for that ... maybe you are the same =)

  • These people you speak of obviously have no standards. Anyone makes the cut. End of story.

  • I honestly have no idea. I still haven't been in one yet. I find it extremely difficult to get into one. I know people who are never single and always have a girl/guy so soon after their previous relationship finished. I know this doesn't answer yourquestion, but yeah...

  • That doesn't mean that relationships are easy for them! It just means that GETTING INTO relationships is easy for them. I know some people like that. It's like they don't know what to do with their time or something if they don't have a significant other.

  • Those people are the worst -____________-

    it's like they need a boyfriend/girlfriend to be happy


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  • I know what you mean but these people don't have as smooth as they claim. I know someone like that and he said he loves her but he cheated on her left and right. Lot of issues with in the relationship.

  • It's not easy; trust me. Personal insecurities and whatnot area huge factor and it's not healthy.

  • I think some people are addicted to romance & relationships that they'll do anything to be in love.

    I used to feel so bad that I couldn't find the right guy for me, but now... he can stay away for a while because I'm enjoying the single life. :)

  • I know what you're saying, I have only said that word once to a guy... and I think I did mean it.. but not in a "I'll do anything/sacrifice for you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you" sort of way, but more like lust/"love" making, It felt like love though so I don't think lust is the right word... I don't know I think people are confused, I think that word gets used a lot when your young but less when it starts to mean more you use it more wisely. Once you learn the true meaning, I guess. Some people don't know what true love is. Ahhh I want to know. :) lol Actually it probally doesn't exsist... Single for life!